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cat Names: fitzgerald

Fitzgerald is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Fitzgerald? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Maine Coon

Ever felt things were meant to be? If our elderly friend's cat hadn't died, and if I hadn't decided to take him to a shelter to adopt one, and if I had gone to another shelter........I may never have been blessed with the love of these two wonderful cats. Herbie and Fitz, sad and lonely in their pen, frightened and uncertain, caught my eye and my heart that August day. Fitz was a mess. Terrified at the back of the pen, he attacked anyone or anything that approached. He lay on his shelf, eyes wide, fangs bared. At the mention of putting him to sleep, I made a decision....I wanted them both. I had a husband and 3 other rescued cats which should really have been consulted, but that was a small matter weighed against Fitz's fate. He depended on the placid Herbie for comfort and hid behind him when he ventured off his shelf. I sat with them for hours to assess them. Fitz wasn't vicious, just absolutely terrified of everything. I had to give him a chance. Four years on and he is the proudest cat ever. No-one can say he was easy. It took weeks to stroke him. He would run and hide on the sill in the conservatory, but gradually he came nearer out of curiosity. I never pushed him, just let him come to me. He was terrified of hands and we wondered whatever had happened to him before he was put into care....we shall never know.The first time he went in the garden I wondered if he would come in easily, but he had watched Herbie go out and in, and eventually I decided it was time. No worries! He knew where his home was! He now has his territory of about 40 gardens to roam, lots of cat friends, and he loves to boss us around. He is a perfect joy to care for and I am so proud of him. One day I may write the full story of how we got on in the beginning, the trials and tribulations. but all that matters now is that they are safe and I am proud to be loved by both of them.