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cat Names: forest

Forest is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Forest? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Domestic Shorthair

About me, my name is Forest but my mom calls me her Black Velvet b/c I have a shiny black coat n my hair is a lil longer then my brother Salem. Salem n I were brought to our new home by our human sister, We were accepted by the the two older felines...thank'm full of energy, once i awhile I get this burst of energy I meow n start running n jumping every where lol my mom just laugh, I like to put my fore head agaisnt my mom n stay there for a few mins, my mom said I'm Mr. Spock reading her mind lolol If my mom stands by the tv unit I'll tap her head about 3 to 4 times n she'll look up n say to me what or what's wrong lol. Like Tiger I sit in the bthrm when my mom takes a shower but I bother her sometimes by meowing lolol and I am the only one that jumps on top of the kitchen cabinets, I'll sit there watching her, my mom says that Salem n I have golden yellow eyes n she luv them . I was born with a bend on my right ear but that didn't matter, sometimes my mom calls me Tiger Jr. lol b/c I try to be like him n she says that Salem is like Aslain a lil more calm n quiet. Thank God we came to this new home where we were wasn't too good n our new mom show us what it is to be a felines n not being cose in a small carrier w/ my siblings n I know that my other sibling were taken to there new homes the same night we came to our new home n I know that the other kids that took them r my human sister friends n I'm happy that we have a home.