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cat Names: girlfriend

Girlfriend is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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My name is Girlfriend (I know weird name, my owner's mom name me), My brother is Buddy. My brother and I have been with our owner since we were about 6 weeks old. We were rescued by our owner's cousin when she found us in a plastic bag. We had two other siblings, but they sadly didn't make it. We were fostered by our owner, before she adopted us.
I am a major lap cat, I just love sitting on people's laps. I am very hyper, and my owner calles me a spazz sometimes. I don't really like being held, but I love attention, and I love to play with toy mice and my favorite toy is a hair tie. I love to carry it around, but my owner doesn't always like me taking them. No idea why though...

My owner says it's hard to take pictures of me, because I move around to much. Silly owner.