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cat Names: goonie

Goonie is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Goonie? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Scottish Fold

Hi! My name is Goonie, because I'm a big goon! I came to live with my family as a stray 2 yrs ago. When I met my new family I came with 3 other male kitties. My mom took real good care of us all and took us to the vet for shots and to get neutered, lucky for me, that was already done, but I felt bad for my friends. The others decided not to stick around, but not me, I found a home for life!

My mom wasn't quite sure what to make of me and my ears though, she thought maybe I was deformed, but the nice vet told her what kind of cat I was and mystery solved.

Whenever we have company, everyone wants to talk to me and I love to talk back to them! I'm a very good boy and love to lay with my mom, on her lap, on her legs, on her head...if she'd let me! I weigh almost 18 lbs, but I'm not fat like my sisters!

I had never had canned food before and boy was I surprised how much I liked it and we get it 2 times a day!

I have 3 sisters who all came from the same fur momma, but they aren't nice to me all the time, except my sissy Lexy, she will lay with me on mom's lap, but she will lay on top of me too and squish me! Lily and Roxy will scratch and hiss at me sometimes when I'm being such a good boy...I think they're spoiled and mom agrees!

I love my new home and my mom loves me very much. I love cat nip and love to have my ears and belly rubbed.

Nice to meet you all, I hope we become friends! ~^..^~