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cat Names: gracen+joe

Gracen+joe is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Gracen Joe

My name is gracen Joe, I am almost 3 years old. Dedra(youngest daughter in the house) found me buried in mulch dying. Dedra saved me and brought me home. Everyone thought I was so cute, but I had a huge warbol(nasty, mean worm) in my neck. Holly(Dedra's mother) brought me to the vet and they took care of me. At first the vet told my family I was a girl! WHAT! So my name was originally Grace, I was named grace because I barely made it. When I was taken into the home, they felt bad for me because I was so small, and weak so they kept me. I met Teeter, she was a mean nasty old cat that didn't want anything to do with me! But when I got older and less annoying she warmed up to me. We became friends! Well onto the topic of when I got older... They found out I was NOT a girl... I am infact a BOY! My name was then changed to Gracen. I am a loving cat, and I am very smart so don't doubt me. I can open doors and get into things that I am not suppose to be in. I think I am a dog at heart too. I love my family and they love me!