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cat Names: grizby

Grizby is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Grizzelbeast Cornwallace Timbers aka Grizby, Grizbit, Meowzelbub, first of his name, Sniffer of catnip, Licker of hands, Biter of cords, Clawer of carpets, Eater of bugs, Fearer of loud noises. Grizby has been my sweet skiddish boy for 6 years now. He is a very sweet cat but is the poster cat of a scaredy cats. He is afraid of everything! I give him lots of love and attention to try to get him not to be so fearful of everything but that's just how Sir Griz is. He's not shy or afraid of me or my boyfriend but if anyone unknown comes into the house, Grizby will not show his face. He is my piano cat because every time I play the piano, he's right next to me on the bench cuddling. He's also my bathroom troll. I cannot use the bathroom peacefully because of my little monster. I love him with all my heart tho. Once he gets to know someone, he is the sweetest thing ever. He lives with another kitty named Nuggyt and Grizby is much larger and heavier than Nuggyt. He's my sweet fat man. <3

I got Grizby by answering an ad for a black and white male kitten. No pictures. I went to pick him up and my heart filled with love once I saw him. He was everything I was looking for. All four paws have white socks, his tail is dipstick,and his under carriage is white. He is one of the most handsome cats I have ever laid eyes on. He's a beautiful cat!