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cat Names: gypsy

Gypsy is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Gypsy has a few unusual traits and she is like my little guard dog. She lets me know when there is someone at the door by growling. She doesn't like to be picked up and mainly sleeps on the window sill all day in a nice sunny spot. She doesn't get on with my burmese but they don't hurt each other.


Miss Gypsy is almost 5 but she is still running around like she's a kitten. She does tricks for treats like sit pretty, high five, and she will walk on her hind legs. I adopted her almost a year ago and it was the best thing i've ever done. She likes to cuddle up on her blanket and sleep on the bed sometimes trying to take it over.

American Shorthair

Hello! My name is Gypsy, and I live with Mom, Moky, Stormy, and Bella. I have been with Mom since April 2001. I am currently 10 years old (Moky is about a year older than I am).
I came to live with Mom when I was about a year old. Mom is my 3rd mom. My first "mom" didn't take care of me very well. I had a litter of kittens when I was only about 6 months old because that "mom" wouldn't let me live inside her home. My 2nd "mom" (Pearline) rescued me and made sure I didn't have any more babies. She cared for me very well, but because I was one of many pets she already had, she couldn't keep me. At the time, Pearline was a classmate of my current "mom." Pearline discovered that Mom already had a cat and that he was a totally indoor cat. Then, she talked Mom into adopting me. I'm soooo glad she did. On my first day with Mom, she and I took a nap - mostly to get away from Moky, who wasn't at all pleased that I came into his life. He's still a bit annoyed by that, but he is a boy, and boys will be boys. Since that fortunate day, I have been a very contented cat. Thank you, Mom!
I get along with all the kitties here although Moky doesn't seem to want to get along with me. I like to love-bite Mom and my siblings. They usually don't like it too much. Moky is the most vocal about it, of course.
I rule this roost even though Moky thinks he does. He's so delusional! MOL!!!
I purr at the drop of a hat (what a funny phrase). The second Mom pets me, I purr. I love boxes and bags, especially loud, crinkly brown paper bags. Mom gives me a "freezer bag," whenever she comes home from the grocery store. She really knows what I like!
I am a calico-colored kitty. Mom's niece thinks my face looks like it has mascara on it (whatever that is!), especially on the side that shows brown and dark brown.
I love the camera and try to pose for Mom when she takes pictures of me.
I'm a Fancy Feast cat, and my 3 favorite flavors are Salmon; Cod, Sole, and Shrimp; and Ocean Whitefish (in that order, thank you very much!). When it's time to eat, I sit near Mom and stare at her until she realizes she needs to feed me. I wait for the 2 magic questions that always get a rise out of me: Are you hungry? and Do you wanna eat? Those questions really get a rise out of me. If Mom doesn't get up right away to feed me, I go to her and nudge her out of her chair.
My eating partner right now is Bella. We share our food with each other, but it's something I could do without. Bella always steals my food. Fortunately, she leaves some food in her dish, so I just steal hers. MOL! If Moky and Stormy don't eat all of their food (or if Bella hasn't eaten theirs yet), I usually finish off their food, too. Mom wonders why I'm not fat since I love to finish everyone's food. I'd eat Mom's food, too, if she didn't eat it all herself.
I need to finish my food right away because when I lived with my 1st "mom," she always took away my dish before I even finished eating! Here, at home, Mom leaves the bowls out all day, but I still feel the need to finish all of my food, just in case she takes them away. She never does until it's meal time, again, of course.
We (Moky, Stormy, Bella, and I) love living here in our new home because there's much more room to roam. Right now, though, we can't sleep with Mom until Bella is out of her kitten stage of life. Bella loves to play with Mom's feet while Mom is trying to sleep, so Mom kicks all of us out of her room. I can't wait for Bella to grow up! Therefore, during the wakeful hours, I do my best to be near Mom at all times so that we can share the love we have for each other.


I love to get into things. I eat cardboard and I LOVE potato chips, I can hear a bag open a mile away. I like to get on Caspurr's nerves. He doesn't like me, but i like him anyway. Everyone says i'm evil, but i don't see it. Just because when they walk by i get there attention and grab their arm with my claws.... i don't know.. i'm just overly friendly.

Maine Coon

gypsy and her buddy smelly cat


i love to be around every one. i love to be around my sister. i love to sneak out side.