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cat Names: hamster

Hamster is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Hamster? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I am Hamster, Queen of the household, but you may call me Hammie. I have been with my mom for 9 years now. She got me when she was a kid and I was a kitten, and we have been through alot together. We have moved around together and we've had to be apart a little, but I know she loves me. And I love her even though she brings other animals home!

I love laying on my back, pretending I want my belly rubbed, and them WHAM!! I attack the offending hand! Ha! my mom doesn't fall for that anymore but I still bite her lightly sometimes when I'm mad at her. This kitten Runt mom rescued and I fought at first and I hated her but now I clean her and play with her and let her curl up with me to sleep. I love waking my mom up by poking her in the back with my paw or my head so she can pet me. I also like loving on and rubbing on the dogs making them nervous cause they don't know if I'm gonna smack them or not. Ha ha. Stupid dogs. I'm a crabby old lady sometimes but I have lots of personality and a great family.

Bring on any challenges! :")