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cat Names: helena

Helena is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Medium Hair

Helena was my baby. She had the cutest mew. She was very active :3


Helena is a rescue cat.
She was found abandoned outside one night, found in a tree. The only way to get her down was to shine a flash light from one branch to another, so she could jump down.
She needed a home. I offered a place for her. Ever since then, I have been her owner. According to my boyfriend, she is a one person cat. She won't go to any other people that easily.

She is known as a Tabico cat, because she has multiple colors in her fur. Its a bit hard to tell in pictures, but up close you an see five shades of colors. Doctors have called her a Tabby Calico Mix and when I looked it up, it was Tabico.

Helena loves to spend her time sleeping, chasing her favorite balls around the house and watching the rats while they play. She has never tried eating them, maybe bat at them a few times. Otherwise they are good friends.