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cat Names: hemi

Hemi is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Hemi (Hemington) was named for his Mom's love/obsession of Dodge Trucks and their delicious engines. When she was first introduced to Hemi, he curled up under hair and began to Purr SO loud, it instantly reminded her of a v6 hemi engine. His bursts of energy were so frequent that she knew Hemi was the perfect name.

He has blossomed and grew into a full grown V8! His energy is never ending and he sometimes, (We think) considers himself a little human. If there is water bottle lid to be found, Hemi is on duty to rid the world of the pesky bottle lids. He will toss, bat and carry around a bottle cap until it is confiscated due to lack of recognition. He has also been known to hoard hair elastics.

Hemi is the most photogenic of animals. He literally poses when he see's the camera. He always lays with his paws crossed, forever reminding all of his royal status. His manners are impeccable. He is very polite and vocal when happy. He answers when you talk to him with a happy flick of his very long tail.

By sizing standards, Hemi is quite the large Feline. He is incredibly long when lying down on his side. He, however, believes he is a tiny guy and can fit in the most cozy of places. He does well cramming himself into small spaces, despite his size. He is most often found curled in a laundry basket or at the end of the bed.

His favourite past time is "break" dancing in the bathtub. He will stretch out to his full size and move to the music only he can hear in quick spurts and flips. It is very entertaining to watch! He has been know to rock out to some Guitar Hero on occasion and really puts the moves on with his guitar.

Hemi is the Cat that makes you smile all the time. He knows he is adorable and has no qualms reminding you of such!


I was just picked out by my new mom 10/9/2010. I came from a litter of 7...all Hemingways. I seem to have an affinity for feather toys and love my kitten chow. My human sister is going to be keeping up my Cuteness page along with Lily's. My name comes from being a "Hemingway" and my human dad's love of everything Mopar....especially Hemi Engines. My sister should have some pics up soon.

Update 10/10/2010: I am not a Hemingway like my human mom was told...I have the usual amount of toes. I am still super cute and I am keeping my name!

Update 4/3/2011: I'm a super friendly guy. I follow my mama EVERYWHERE! I love to play a game of fetch with the mice that my mom gets me at Festival Foods in Holmen. I Looooove the Pretty Pretty Princess Castle. I love treats of all kinds...burger, cheese, lettuce, chips and dip....oh and kitty treats, MOL!!! I like when my human sissy comes to visit cuz she's got some awesome scratchin' nails. Ohhh...I dislike my water bottle. When I get on the table or counter I get a squirt...most of the time mom just has to show me the bottle and I get the hint ;-)