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cat Names: hemingway

Hemingway is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Hemingway? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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American Polydactyl

I adopted Hemingway from the rescue org. Castaway Critters. When I saw his face and his name I had to have him. He's such a little love bug. Hemingway is also deaf which makes him extra special.


I'm the new addition to Chaos, Chausser, Yeats, and Denali! I'm 7 weeks so my momma thinks my birthday is around the 8/6. She is going to call the lady that has my momma and daddy and find out for sure.
I just arrived to my new house today (9/25) and I'm a little scared but I'm checking things out and learning my way......under the couch. My momma and I played when she got home today and I think I like her. I took a sleep on my grandma today, cuddling to her neck.
There was a whole list of names for me, but my momma pretty much thinks she will stay with Hemingway. Rounding off the list of distingushed authors in the house!
I can't wait to start making friends here!!
12/19--I have found my place in my home and that is tormenting all my roomies, nearly every hour I am awake! I follow my momma round like a puppy, love fresh water to be in my bowl all the time.....hint, hint momma, fix that will you? and periodically wake my momma through the night to curl up under the covers to cuddle and purr the loudest purr I have! My momma didn't think she would ever get another kitty after her Arrow, but is glad we found each other, though sometimes, I still see a tear trickle down her cheek when she thinks of her sweet boy Arrow.
Likes: A beauty of a cat named Malibu (she my sweetie and the most beautifulist kitty ever!) Beating up Chausser, starring at Yeats, getting fresh water, playing with my toys, sitting on my momma's desk chair, taking Chausser and Yeats' favorite places, chasing bugs, and beating up on Chausser, climbing trees and eating house plants.
Dislikes: Eating kitten chow ( I love the big cat food), being told no, being brushed,being told no and being told no.

I was in the first ever Caterdome, held in the fall of 2011 and made it to round 5! Cats RULE!!

Twitter cat and proud member of twitter groups AZpals and BBOT (Bad Boys of Twitter)

AKA: Hemi, Hemster