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cat Names: herbie

Herbie is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Maine Coon

Herbie was brought into the RSPCA with his brother Fitz for rehoming. After several weeks they were both still there as Fitz was a needy cat and depended on Herbie. They were looking for a home together. Fitz was snarling every time someone came by and therefore nobody wanted them. I happened by at the right time and was immediately attracted to them. I was told that it looked like Fitz would have to be put to sleep as no-one would take him. I sat with them for several hours and realised that he was just plain terrified of people. I took them home, not thinking what my husband or other 3 cats would think! My husband just raised his eyes and shook his head, our large orange boy, Simba, did something similar! Our little rescued feral girl went straight up to them and gave them the seal of approval...panic over! Try as I might, keeping them all apart was out of the question...they fitted in immediately. That night, Herbie climbed onto the arm of the settee beside me, put his big furry paws round my neck and 'kissed' my cheek. I was in tears. It took weeks to get near Fitz....he was terrified of people, especially hands. Whatever had happened to him had traumatised so badly. After 4 years, he is still very nervous, but is loving and funny and handsome. I can't bear to think, if I hadn't happened along when I did..... We love them completely and they love us. Herbie is the one who is the comic, and we are together most of the day. He shows so much love, and I have never regretted having any of our cats for even a second.