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cat Names: itty+bitty

Itty+bitty is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Itty Bitty

My mommy adopted me when I was just a baby while doing a nursing home care visit. She took me home and spoiled me rotten. I always got my way. I loved to play, drink my mommies milk left over from her cereal, get brushed, eat popsicles, and I'd even let her dress me up in stuff. I loved toilet paper and paper towels. Better hide them or look out. I'd tear them up in a heartbeat. The only theing I didn't like were cranberry flavored kitty treats and the vaccum. When I was 14, I got really sick. I started vomitting and couldn't eat anything. My mommy took me to the vet many times and then took me to Columbus, Ohio to Med Vet for a second opinion. She found out I had liver cancer. She was very sad and cried a lot. She tried everything..chemotherapy, feeding tube and medications but I just couldn't fight it. My mommy would have done anything to save me. She was with me when I went to Rainbow Bridge. I just want my mommy to know that I'm very happy and having fun here playing with all the animals that have crossed over. It's a beautiful place. I know I'll see my mommy again some day and I'll be there to greet her with a big ole Meow!!

Itty Bitty

My full name is Itty Bitty Kitty. I was the only one in my mom's litter. My mom's owner already had 4 cats, so a co-worker took me in. I'm very happy in my home. I have a big brother who just happens to be a dog...Scout. We get along when no one's looking..

I'm usually hiding and come for attention when I feel like it. I like to hang out in my 4 year old's bedroom while she sleeps. Her bed is comfy.