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cat Names: ivan

Ivan is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Ivan? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Ivan The Terrible (my full name) is a little harsh I think. I'm not really terrible...most of the time. I'm a tabby boy with green eyes, and a spotty belly that my mum finds very cute. My humans think I'm quite a strange cat for some reason. I'm very loveable, but I suppose you can't ignore the fact that I'm a little odd.
First of all, if I sleep for too long,( oh, this is humiliating) I'll wet myself .No, I am not kidding. I've done it ever since he was a tiny kitten. My humans can't cure it. So they close all the doors of the rooms that have beds/sofas/cushioned chairs in them. How cruel! I can't help my little problem...
Another thing. I lick earwax and spit. Don't ask. It just has such a good taste!
I also roll around in the shower after my humans have used it, not when it's on, but just the water left on the shower floor. It's very refreshing.
Weird though I am, I'm also incredibly affectionate, friendly, like to lick you and prove love you. I hope to make lots of new friends here at Cuteness.


Ivan's a perky & curious little boy who was not around other cats for very long before we rescued him. Daddy found him on and pretty much it was love at first sight. So, shortly after we were on our way to meet him at his foster home and home he came with us in typical NY fashion via a yellow cab. At only a few months old, he learned to play fight with his human Daddy Cat and has grown into a strong & striking addition to our family 2 years later. Loves people and loves being the center of attention at any party. Favorite foods are always Italian - locatelli cheese, cerignola olives, fried eggplant cutlets - but he also loves crispy bacon & ham??!!! Ends every day snuggled in bed with us & is usually the first one up before the alarm looking for breakfast!