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cat Names: jazz

Jazz is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Tabby Cat

I was born in Mom's born when she first graduated high school from a stray cat whom her family was feeding. I was picked out even before my eyes were opened and given my name to match Mom's favorite Transformer so I've always been a stylish fellow.

Spunky and Brave, I tried to take on our neighbor's dog to protect my cat mom.....

Cat mom was safe, but I disappeared. Mom was really sad and got really depressed after that, but never gave up hope on finding me despite the odds against me. It was a week before Christmas when she heard a faint little meow coming from the woods. She loves cats so of course she went to find it...turns out the sound came from almost half a mile away!!! NO ONE KNOWS HOW SHE HEARD ME. But I was alive and hidden in a thorn bush.

She rushed me to an Emergency ER where they found out my hip and ball joint had basically been shattered on top of being severely dehydrated. After I got out of the vets Mom took me everywhere with her. She jumped for joy and yelled out in the Walmart parking lot when I pooped for the first time since she found me. People stared and thought she was a little crazy.

She's says I'm her little miracle...

That was years ago... I don't really remember much of what happened but I kept my larger than life attitude. They call me King Jazz and I run the house now.

I'm twenty five lbs but keeps putting me on diets but I always manage to sneak food somehow.


Jazz is a funny loving little kitty .


Sleeping and shedding under the sun.
Being brushed and combed gently.
Purging, clawing at ankles.
Chewing plastic grocery bag.
Playing with paper in little ball/roll of paper towel.
Chasing flashlight.

Taking shower.
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