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cat Names: jeffery

Jeffery is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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American Shorthair

My name is Jeffery. I found my family. I was making a funny noise and mommy came to see what was making the noise, and was surprised to see me. They already had 2 other cats and big dog at the time, so I spent a couple of nights outside on the porch, but I eventually won them over, especially my boy, and they let me into their family. At which I am very grateful. I love to lay in the freshly dried towels. My family will push me around the house while I sit on a task chair, I also like to be spun on it too. My mommy says that I would be the kind of cat that a little girl would love to have. I don't mind having ties, sweaters, or even hats put on me. I am also a treat hog. I will do anything to get a treat. I love my family and I am so glad that my mommy came to see what was making the strange noise.