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cat Names: jenna

Jenna is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Jenna wearing a knit pirate hat from my shop Gigi and Jenna.

Maine Coon

Jenna has the prettiest design on her fur. Her mother was a feral cat found on the streets when she was pregnant. Jenna was the only surviving kitten and soon after birth her mother died. Jenna reminds me of a Lynx, because she sits on our stair railing and watches us from above with her eyes half closed. Jenna loves to be pet, but only at the right time, when she doesn't want to be pet, she'll run away and hide if you try and touch her, because she just wants to play! but if she wants to be pet, Jenna would come sit on you lap and once you start petting her, she won't let you leave! Every time you'd stand up, Jenna would grab onto you with her claws! I doesn't hurt, but it sure is CUTE!
She gets chased by my dog cassie (see "Jenna's Friends")
When I take the dogs for a walk in the morning, I usually hear this "jingle, jingle" of Jenna's collar, because she'd be fallowing us after staying outside all night. It's very cute. :) But then the dogs and I have to walk back inside, so Jenna can get in. :)


Activities: Throwing myself at all men that walk through the front door, laying on expensive laptop keyboards, giving "kisses" to my mother's eyelids with my razor-sharp tongue to induce the morning feeding's commencement, mocking the stray cats through the window, and of course, beating the bloody hell out of my sister whenever I am able to squeeze it into my tight schedule.

Favourite Furniture: desk chair, bottom right-hand corner of bed, 2nd level penthouse of my cat "tree"

Favourite Treats: Fruits, veggies, and salty snacks like Cheez-its. I also love to lick lotion off of skin, but Mom limits this, obviously.

About Me: My mother named me after Jenna Jameson because I am a saucy minx.

I rolled up in it after I just had kittens. My mother seized custody over me from the white-trash neighbor that claimed to be my owner. I am thankful - the whore didn't even have a name for me and sold all my kittens to her white-trash kindred. :S

I have a sexy cigarette-smoking meow.

I eat. All the friggin time.

I am cat-like-ninja and constantly escape the confines of the apartment for the greener pastures of the hallway. Once, I escaped for a whole night without anyone knowing, and attempted to eat the neighbor alive when she tried to place me in a cat carrier. No one puts ME in a cat carrier. They are insults against all feline-kind.