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cat Names: jet

Jet is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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100 % british shorthair

Jet is a beautiful thing that ever happened in my life. I love him.

Maine Coon

Jet was found running around an abandoned park so he was taken into a foster home where he became a show cat, around March of 2011 we adopted him and he's been living with us since then

American Shorthair

What Jet likes to eat:
Anything and everything, well except for veggies. If I smell something fishy in the kitchen I won't hesitate to ask Mom and Dad for a sample. After all, I am a professional eater.

What Jet likes to do:
I like to sleep, then eat, then maybe sleep again. Normally, I like to sleep in between Mom and Dad on the bed. It doesn't bother me if they accidentally smother me because, yes, I am THAT lazy to move.

Where Jet came from:
Well, I was in a box with a couple of my siblings. A lady was giving us away for free. Then, she spotted me, my girl. I guess she always wanted a black cat.