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cat Names: jezebel

Jezebel is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Jezebel? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Maine Coon

My beautiful poly-dactyl Maine Coon. The sweetest and most well behaved kitty ever.


My mom adopted me and my brother, Bear, when we were 5 weeks old. I love to curl up next to my mom at night, and get my fur stuck all over her face. I can sense when big thunderstorms are approaching, and I sometimes cry, and often try to find a good hiding spot until the thunder has stopped. I also help mom rearrange her things by knocking everything on the ground. I think she appreciates my help!


I'm Jezebel. I don't really like this kind of attention, but here goes.

I had a hard life with my first owner. I used to live with a girl whose psychiatrically disturbed younger brother was prone to fits of violence. He would often take these out on me, and as a result I had to find a more stable home. I once had kittens, but I did not suckle them. I did not want to have babies; another boy cat found his way into my room even though my former human kept it locked.

I'm now living with two humans who treat me like a princess. One time I got out and was missing for a month; I came back and they had that Broccoli fella, and then Kasmira. But my humans are good to me. They know I have allergies, so they feed me the best food they can afford. Sometimes I'll whinge if I want wet food, and when I get it I'll eat it so fast that sometimes I'll throw up. I can still be very skittish, and I don't always get along with Kasmira, but I play and run around like I'm still a little kitty (which is how my humans see me).

I tend to tense up when I'm being picked up, but I relax when I realise people just want to pet me! I recently started crawling into Tom's lap, and I like to be petted a lot more now. I'm trying to be more sociable and affectionate, but I'm not as good as my roomies about asking for cuddles. Luckily I'm living with two humans who know I don't have to ask :)