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cat Names: jordan

Jordan is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Jordan? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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American Shorthair

Hi... My name is Jordan... My mommy says that I'm a "LOVER"... I guess I can agree with her on that one. I LOVE to be next to my mommy whenever possible. If she's on the couch... I'm there too, If she's on the love seat... I'm there with her... If she's on the other sofa... I'm there with her. Why? Becuz I LOOOOOOVE HER. I must at all times make sure I am touching her in some way, even if it's just my paw on her leg, so that if I fall asleep and she gets up I will know so that I can follow her wherever she's going.

NOW... when my mommy is not accessible... well then I turn to my girlfriend Precilla. I love love love love love her!!! Problem is alot of the time she doesn't act like she loves me too. She's always running from me, giving me dirty looks or telling on me to our mommy. The only time I can seem to get her to give me the time of day is if she's sleeping and I sneak up on her. Then she seems to love me... until she opens her eyes and then it's a chase again to get her to let me love her.... If only she would love me back the way I love her....

But no worries... she will one day.... she just doesn't know it yet.

ahhhhhh my Precilla my love