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cat Names: kasmira

Kasmira is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Hi, my name's Kasmira. I have lived a lot in my teeny little life. I was found outside a hotel sitting on an outdoor dining table at 3am. Back then I couldn't meow - I squeaked, but my male human Tom saw me outside and I ran to him instinctively. I was so small, I could fit on the palm of his hand.

Ever since then I've been super cuddly and sweet! I've barely grown, because I'm such a little runt, so I'm forever kitten-sized, but I'm perfectly healthy in every way. At first my two roomies hated me, but now I play all the time with Broccoli. Jezebel still hisses at me sometimes.

I never bite or scratch anything, but I do like to sleep on computers, printers and textbooks my humans are using. I also like to flop down on the floor and follow people (especially Sara), into the bathroom. Sometimes I know my humans are talking about how cute I am, so I act extra cute to over-cute them! I can leap huge distances and often sleep on top of the fridge, which annoys Broccoli, because he's too fat to jump :)