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cat Names: katrina

Katrina is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

katy came to us with an injury to her right eye. we took her to the vet & he told us she had a very deep scratch to her cornea.
In time, her eye got infected, which the vet gave us meds for. The eye then swelled to the point that it bulged out of her tiny head. The vet said not to remove it because it was not a "sore eye" (causing any pain or discomfort).
Eventually the scab that had formed, fell off the eye, reducing the swelling. Katy is now blind in that one eye.
But that doesn`t stop her mighty 5 1/2 pounds of pure energy, lol...she gives Spitfire, freddie & Purrscilla a run for their money!


I am a beautiful Calico cat. My mommy rescued me since I got separated from my family and I was all alone in this big world. I love to lay on my back & sun bathe, bat pens around and beg for food. My mommy loves me very much =) <3


I'm a spunky little spitfire who loves nothing more than to run around and play. When I was about two or three weeks old, my human mom's cousin (my human aunt) found me in her yard with some of my siblings. My cat mom had disappeared and my aunt took us into her home. She couldn't keep us though, so she gave my brother and sister away, one was gray like me and the other was black and white. I would've been next but then my human mom came over to my aunt's house and saw me. She fell in love with me right then and there even though she thought two cats and a dog would be too much. I became Sasha and Chichi's roommate and have been bugging them ever since =P