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cat Names: kisa

Kisa is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Kisa is about two or three now ( month is very much an estimate). She was born under a friend of mine's porch by a stray cat who claimed my friend's house her home. Kisa was part of a large litter, and I would come over to play with them when they would allow a strange human near them. Kisa was the bravest of the bunch, along with being the fluffiest! While her brothers and sisters would run away when I showed up, she would stare defiantly at me, and when I would pick up a branch or a string and wave it around, she would pounce! I fell in love immediately, and took her home with me when she was old enough. The vet says she can't tell what breed she is, but that she has to have a parent that had main coon in it because she's rather large and extremely fluffy. She's such a lover!! Her adoptive brother (who came along about 7 months after I got Kisa) wants nothing more than to play, and she wants nothing than to snuggle up and sleep. She's so sweet ^__^