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cat Names: kitkat

Kitkat is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Kitkat? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Domestic Shorthair

Hiya! My name is KitKat, but you can call me Kit for short. I also go by Kitten, Kitten ka Doodles, Doodles, Itty-Bitty, & do-do. I would likely be dead right now if it weren't for GRANDMA'S® Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies. No, seriously hear me out. When I was an itty bitty kitten I had been living under the porch of a school. I hadn't been eating because I didn't like the humans trying to give me food and didn't trust them. One day my mom overheard some evil boys saying they planned on catching me after everyone was gone to sacrifice me for Halloween. My mom was not about to allow that to happen. I really wanted to trust her, but the other humans just kept coming by. After a long while I got up the courage to sniff her, I was fine until she tried to touch me. I ran back under the porch, I didn't know what to think. When I poked my head up, I was surprised to see that she was still there. Then I heard the most peculiar rustling/crinkling sound followed by a delicious smell. I jumped up onto the corner of the deck to see just what this human was going to do with that. She was eating it! Then the next thing I knew she was crouched down holding out a small piece for me! I just couldn't resist, I was so hungry and it smelled so good. I took the piece and to my surprise, nothing happened and it was quite delectable! Then the human got out another piece for me still hungry, I accepted it. As I was savoring the delicious treat she snatched me up! I was so TERRIFIED! She then bundled me up in her jacket and took me home. I was very surprised to see other cats and even DOGS when we got there! There was even a cat that looked like me! She adopted me as her own. And then I decided Daisy(the beagle) would be a great mommy too, so I made her adopt me as her own too. It took me a few years to get comfortable around my new human family though. I still get really nervous around strangers, but I LOVE my human mommy! She gives me lots of love and treats! She said that even though she loves me to pieces that the first GRANDMA'S® Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie that she had bribed me with when we met was also my last.
I am a very small cat, I only weighed 5 lbs(not super underweight, just tiny) when I got spayed in 2010. Now that I am felling much more relaxed and much less spazzy I have gotten a little chubby, putting on 2-3 lbs.


hello,i am kitkat and i am a ragdoll and my roommate is bella


Free to good home!

Domestic Shorthair

Kitkat was rescued from the streets of downtown Dayton, Ohio. Near starvation. We've had her in our home now for about 3 years and she has never forgotten nearly starving to death. She reaallllly likes food. In fact, she thinks she should be fed everytime someone goes into the kitchen. Never know when that old starvation will kick in. Better to eat too much than to get hungry. Grey with big luminous green eyes.