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cat Names: koochi+koo^..^

Koochi+koo^..^ is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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koochi koo^..^
British Shorthair

hi furry friends , id like to tell you a bit about myself ...
my names ralphann koochi koo and I'm a pedigree cream British shorthair cat. i was born with a leg problem called luxating patellas ( knee caps out of place) in both legs , which gave me a "gangster walk"!!! i have already had an operation on my left leg to correct this patella was permanently out of the socket . it wasn't nice for an 8 month old kitten, (the worst the specialist had seen in a cat/kitten) . i had to have 6 weeks strict cage rest. and now have pins and wire in my leg holding my patella in place .i didn't like it at all but its now healed well. not sure yet if i have to have the other one done as its not as bad,and it just pops out of place then pops back in but it may need doing later in life. my back legs are also bent and might need straightening at some point this is common in dogs expecially yorkshire terriers ! .although my conditions haven't slowed me down, i will have to be careful for the rest of my life.and ill almost certainly get arthritis in my joints but mummy says its why I'm such a special boy x
koochi kisses xxxxx
please check out my roomies too, they are shy xx and i love them very much (although i dont often admit it !)

i like ......
beating up minnie, lily, mummy,daddy, mummy, mummy, mummy
climbing curtains and ripping leather sofas
swatting the chinchillas
hounding the hedgehog
making myself irresistible to strokes then.... attack !! , nom nom !!
eating , sleeping, eating, sleeping eating, eating
beating up mummy
playing....with anything/anyone
opening cupboards / refridgerator to help myself to food !
beating up mummy !!!!!
doing smelly poo s !!

i dislike...
getting told off (this happens alot !!)
diets .... urrrggghhh !
vets !! i hate vets !!
getting brushed ..., im ok with being hairy so leave me alone !!
not getting enough attention , its me me me 24 hours a day or im not happy !!
the birds in MY garden , and the fact i CANT get em !!!

pet of the day whoop whoop , oh yeah
25 september 2009 (my first birthday)
7th december 2010

i entered the hall of fame (was one of the FIRST)
march 2010

i won the ALL STARS thunderdome in winter 2010 , the FIRST and only non american to win, yes WIN .......EVER !!

i did an interview , the FIRST for cuteness ! im famous now !! see how awesome i am at teehee ! xx kookie kisses xxxxx

i am one of a kind , they broke the mould when they made me !!!