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cat Names: lexy

Lexy is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Hi, I'm Lexy. I live with my sisters Lily and Roxy, who are my real sister from the same fur momma and my brother Goonie who came to live with us 2 yrs. ago. Goonie is my buddy and we lay together often on mom's lap.

We haven't been here on the site for 3 yrs, yeah, my mom's a slacker! lol We've grown up so much in that time and are now very big kitties! I weigh over 16 lbs. now, but keep in good shape.

When I was a baby my mom had picked Lily and Roxy to come live with her, but my fur mom left me all alone and I was so scared. My mom didn't think that was right and decided to bring me home too, it took her a week to catch me, but she never gave up! I'm so glad she did because I got very sick just 2 days after I came home. One quick trip to the vet and a shot of antibiotics fixed me up quick and I've been a very happy kitty every since!

I love to lay with my mom on her lap and give my brother Goonie lots of love. I am kind of pushy and will push him out of the way so I can be closest to my mom and if he doesn't move, I'll just lay on top of him. He's such a good boy and let's me push him around and doesn't get mad. He even gives me kisses and licks.

I love to play and will rip and tear through the house and make my mom laugh. I like to chase Goonie and my sisters too! I don't like when we have company though, I stay in the bedroom and don't like to visit with people, I'm very shy with other people, but you would never know it when it's just me, mom, and my siblings.

I love cat nip, canned food, my toys and the laser pointer, I go CRAZY!!

Nice to back everyone and hope to make lots of new friends! ~^..^~