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cat Names: lilo

Lilo is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Lilo? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Loves Bananas. Numb Tail. A very anti-social introverted kitten. Never meows except if he needs something and have a different meow for each. The most pacifist cat one could meet. My mother is frightened of cats but in time she admitted loving him a lot; he is harmless. Extremely sweet, and very smart. (Opens doors by his paws by dragging doors towards him). Understands facial Expressions and words (psst, stop, go away, come here) but in Egyptian Arabic and responds to his name too. Didn't teach him to fetch but at times he does so on his own. He knows when I am sick and becomes depressed. Becomes easily sad and cries. Very tender, loving and fragile. Very sensitive. VERY STUBBORN. Never goes towards someone who is afraid of him. Wakes me up at exact time everyday in morning. Won't stay awake if I am asleep, at anytime, but will sleep if I am awake. He is fascinated by flies, ants, and Hoopoes, Loves paper games and very picky about his food, loves all kind of human food (that is suitable for him). Pats me when I am sad on hands or feet. Strangely enough, Likes to sit in Warm water. Takes a bath twice a month at least. Sleeps in very strange positions but constant ones. I Chose him from among 4 other kittens because he was the least I liked. He is rather unforgettable and Irreplaceable. He is carved into my heart.

100 % british shorthair

i love to be lazy and sit around allll day and eat kitty food :)


A sweet, shy little girl who loves to stare at people. She has her cuddly moments, but is mostly the type of cat who likes to be alone and curled up by the heater. She was my first cat after moving away from home.