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cat Names: little+mama

Little+mama is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Little Mama
Russian Blue

Love of my life aka Sweet Chicken aka Mama aka Lil' Mama aka Shortcake aka Shorty- short-for-Shortcake aka Lil' Killer is my best friend. She's the bossiest, most loyal, affectionate and talkative kitty in my family. She has an older brother Linus who is a beautiful flamepoint Siamese (brother from another mother who will soon have his own page) and a younger sister- Mora who is her timid Russian Blue twin. They all have an outdoor cousin affectionately named Garfield (who is deserving of his own Cute Attack site) that pays the occasional visit.
Mama likes to be groomed ALL the time, will not let me brush my own hair without jumping up my leg and saying "Hey! What about me?!?!?" As well as sleep in the sunniest spots of the house, eat plants, kill anything smaller than her (poor bugs, lizards and anything unfortunate enough to cross her little killer path) and cuddle. At night, she has this ritualistic cuddle trance that she goes into which consists of nuzzling and kneading my neck while drooling on a section of hair clenched between her little teeth- purring like an engine the whole while. It's actually the only way I can fall asleep since she was a kitten. Oh and she smells awesome, even her breath. She has periwinkle colored skin under her fur and purple pads on her paws...and if you pick her up, she hugs your neck :)