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cat Names: little+man

Little+man is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Little+man? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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little man
Domestic Shorthair

i am the sweet one of this bunch im married to tyde and we have a handsome boy wifi he takes after me i was found by my daddy at his job i knew if i wanted a home instead of living in the woods i would go jump in his lap and be very sweet and it worked

Little Man
Domestic Shorthair

Little Man and his sister, Nala, found us after being left to survive on their own by their former owners. They have both been fixed and live the good life with their new feline family! Little Man is also known as The Dude, Dude, and the Duder. He is a laid-back, easy-going fella and is the sweetest cat you'll ever meet!