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cat Names: little+pixie

Little+pixie is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Little Pixie

Hello, My name is Little Pixie.
Pixie is my cat Mommy but she sadly passed away. My human Mommy wanted to keep me since day one and because I look like my cat Mommy they used Little Pixie as a nick name till they decided what my real name will be. Since my Mommy left us for the Rainbow Fields my human Mommy decided that they will continue calling me Little Pixie. Apparently I 've got the same personality as my cat Mommy, I don't mind because she's my rolemodel. I like to run around chasing anything that moves and to jump around like a mad monkey when I want to attack something. I enjoy being pampered with love and taking naps. Usually I'll play myself to sleep. I'll play with a ball and all of the sudden my head will just get soooo heavy... My cat Daddy Peanut has been taking good care of me these past few days. I like it when he gets protective of me, makes me feel safe, just like my cat Mommy use to.