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cat Names: lorelei

Lorelei is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Norwegian Forest

Lorelei was the first pet we ever adopted from a breeder. I didn't have a cat until I was 29 and got a sort of Maine Coon guy from a rescue. I always loved long haired domestics with white and NFC are almost always "with white" vs. MCs. Lorelei had a nice little show career in TICA until she decided mating wasn't for her. She'd become bossy in her clowder and shy with visitors so her breeder let us have her. She is an animal that has never known anything but the best treatment from humans. And her affectionate nature and excellent behavior is proof.

I may be hard pressed to adopt my next cat from a breeder but I will always cherish this girl who is so relatively free of baggage.