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cat Names: madison

Madison is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Madison? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Madison is an 8 yr old male calico. M brother David from an ex-girlfriend's sister. I realized by looking at him that he was rare because of his markings and his colors.


My big brother and I were adopted from Little Shelter in Huntington after our first human returned us. She had us for one year and became allergic to us. She had us since we were kittens so we were not used to being amongst so many other kitties. We were in a cage for a couple of weeks and got eye infections and colds and ear infections. We were miserable I was miserable. Then these two humans looking for forever love came in one day, and came straight to us. They asked the nice lady why we looked so sad and she told them the story. She told them that we didn't like to be held and we liked our space and we were very sad and very sick. These two humans talked to the lady and asked to take us home.

It's been two and a half years and only now I'm coming around to them. They always say I'm ratty so they call me El Raton. I think it's funny because I'm a cat! I hang out with them in the living room while they eat dinner and watch TV. They drink wine sometimes and I jump on them and headbutt them, wanting some attention. Sometimes they have to put the wine down and hug me. LOL.... doofy humans.

When I was very sick the first time, my eyes were shut with goo and my ears were filled with mites. I was so sick. My nose was full of snot too. The humans had to chase me around and wrap me like a taco to put the medication in my ears and my eyes. But for my cold... I have them a hard time. I thought it was funny because my brother would take the medications and run away all upset. I, on the other hand would not open my mouth and when they got it open, I used to SPIT IT UP! Ha hahahaha... They did not think a kitty could spit up medications like a baby human, but I taught them a good lesson. :-)

I still like to sleep downstairs by myself, especially against the heater in the winter or in my shoe box. Who knew Dansko boxes were so comfy. Momo gets in there sometimes so I have to sleep on the smaller box, where I fit fine. He, on the other hand...a little on the big side.

I think I'm happy here, except when I have to go to the vet..hissing doesn't work. I still have to go. :-(

Scottish Fold

Madison came from Salem, Mass on Halloween. She's very sweet and loves her sisters.

Maine Coon

Hi there! Mom says I am an extremely inquisitive and bright kitty. I was adopted from the local shelter at 12 weeks of age in spite of my corneal ulcer issues. Mom said it was love at first sight. So, she waited 3 LONG days before the lady, who arrived 10 minutes before mom, said she didn't want me. YAY!! I couldn't ask for a better home. Mom says that I make her smile because I am so full of personality, spunk, and trouble.

Things I enjoy: I really like to sit and watch mom work on the computer; it is oddly entertaining. I will do ANYTHING for treats. Oh my gosh, I love those darn Temptations treats and bonito flakes.....yum!! I LOVE to help complete any project any time, always hoping for an open box of any size. I am kind of obsessed with water and love to jump in the shower and scare mom. My biggest nemesis is LIGHT. Oh my goodness, any kind of light on the wall or the laser light drives me bonkers. I like to fetch my toys and carry them around the house. Mom thinks that is cool. I just think, how else am I going to get them from one place to the other?

British Shorthair

I love spending time with my little bro presley and cleaning him 'cos he's too lazy to do it himself, also I boss Jess about a bit but I think she likes it. I could spend all day cleaning myself i'm very proud of my satin coat.

American Shorthair

Madison is the cutest cat ever... she like to sleep....and hide!