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cat Names: maisy

Maisy is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Maisy? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I brought this cat home from work (I work at Sylvia’s Pets) because we’d never had a kitten stay in the store for so long. Litter after litter came and went but poor little Maisy was always left behind. She’s a skinny tortoise shell with a broken bob tail and a face shaped like the evil gremlin’s in the movie. She was sweet and loving but everybody kept saying she was ugly (which was met by my protests) so when her cries for attention got to be too much, I caved and took her home.
A fierce warrior, Maisy fights her brother like some sort of puma or lynx, throwing her whole body into her opponent and biting his neck. She's much nicer with people but prefers spending most of her time outside rolling around in the grass, sunbathing, climbing things she shouldn't and terrorizing the neighbor's bird/mole/squirrel populations. When stuck indoors, she has two fish tanks, the frog tank, a 75 gallon anole vivarium and a snake tank to watch for entertainment between duels with Mason.
She has a weird bob tail because it's ~4" long and bent. When she fell and broke her leg (she ticked off some nesting birds), we took her to the vet and got to see X-rays showing that her tail was broken at a 90 degree angle. The vet confirmed that it had probably happened at birth, but she’s fine now and we love her all the more for it. She holds it up like a flag whenever she’s about to attack something or when she’s just happy to see you. She’s been the best little kitty, but I still need to prove to some of my family members that she’s cute, not ugly, so please vote for her!