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cat Names: makai

Makai is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Makai? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Meeoowww! Hi! I'm the one and the only..MAKAI! I am going to tell you about myself ((:
Around 2005 or 2006: I was so happy when I got adopted! I was in a shelter and a dad,mom and a little girl walked in. Then they came over to the siamese cat cage. They were looking at us to decied which one of us to get, then they picked me up! When I got home they put me down on the floor and I was so curious. I walked around sniffing everything but then I saw a little gray kitten. A little bit later I realized she was my sister,Zoe!

2012-2013: Today, my family is awesome! I live with mama,dad, a 11 year old girl (I call her my mama too), a 5 year old boy, a 2 year old boy, and a baby is coming! I also live with a Doberman her name is Emme. I used to live with a German Shepard named Bree but she is in a new home now. I miss her somewhat.Because we didn't get along to well..This is the best home ever! It's more than I could ever ask for. They love me so much! One time when I was really really sick they spends lots of money to help me get healthy again. I was so happy and I felt special.

My siblings have a Cuteness too! Look them up:
Emme (picture of a Doberman laying in a yard), Bree (picture of a German Shepard standing in front of a Christmas Tree), and Zoe (picture of a gray cat sitting in a barbie car)

I have so many nicknames including: Kyky, Makyky, Mkaykay, Kaykay, Taytay, Fatty, Baby, and plenty more! My new 2013 nickname is: NeeNee! Some of them are weird and sound kind of the same.

Likes: Being Petted, Sleeping, Laying on people, Cuddling, Playing with cat toys, chasing red lasers, playing with Oreo,Zoey and Jake (But I cant anymore because I moved) and getting hair everywhere

Dislikes: Wet food thats or food thats not my special food, Cat nip (I can't eat cat nip D:), being around dogs/other cats that are not Zoey,Oreo,and Jake, When people touch my tummy, being locked in rooms, when people pull my tail, and when people scare me.

I'm so happy that mama made me this! Now I can get on the laptop and talk with my own kind! I will put a cute/funny quote everyday (if I can). Make sure to check them out! Also, don't be scared to challenge me! I like challenges with other animals! :))Thanks for all the nice comments and +1s! They mean so very much! My dream is to be in the Hall Of Fame and to hit 100 cuteness ratings! ♥♥♥