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cat Names: maxx

Maxx is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Hello I'm Maxx, But My Mom Likes To Call Me Maxxie and All Those Cutesy Names You Can Think Of That Rhymes With Maxx Even Waxxie ! Do I Look Like Wax?! *Scoffs* Anyways My Mom likes to Also Call Me Her Psycho Cat Sometimes Because I like to Catch Birds and Just Play With Them I never Eat Them! Unless She Is Late To Giving Me My Lunch! I LOVE bringing her gifts All the time ! Her Other Cat Yodia Was My Mom But She Died Last Year and That Made Me My mom and My Brother All Very Sad ! It Was Rather Sudden Out Of The Blue Because I remember it had not been that long ago that the Vet Told Us That She was one of the most healthy cat's they had ever seen! From Then On I knew It was My Job To Take Care Of Mom and Make Her Feel Loved! and I do Whenever She is Sad So Am I and When Ever she Is Mad You Better Not Come near Me Or I will Attack Your Hand I HATE seeing Her So Upset Sometimes I have to Just sit there and look at her because I don't Know What to Do, Being Her Pillow Was My Mom's Job and I was Just A Little bit too young For Me To Fully Understand the Part My Mom Yodia Played IN My Mommy's Life, So I didn't Get To Learn How To React To Her When She Is Sad Or Mad But Iam Slowly Understanding ! and I know The Real Meaning Of There's No Place Like Home When My Mommy Is With me , When She Go's and Spend's the night at a friends house for a few days I never want to come in I always Sit outside until My nose is too cold to stand it Just Waiting For Her to come Home, I Love My Mommy very Dearly and I Know That The House Bird's Are Off Limits But The One's Out Side My Mom Say's Are All Mine! She Also Says I'm Allot like Simba From The Lion King! Iam Adventurous and Never Really Want to stay in for too long Just enough time to give and get some love and food maybe even some treats mmmm they are always my favorites Mom Know's How To Get The right stuff! Well That's All I Got For Now! Leave me Comment's and + and I'll Be sure to do the Same!

Much Love and Purrs Maxx