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cat Names: meatball

Meatball is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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black cat

Meatball is very playful, but his favorite thing to do is curl up on my stomach and take a nap. He's from the same litter as Maggie and he really loves his mom. He and Maggie were found abandoned on a farm that had a history of animals attacking cats, so he needed to be taken in immediately. He was also found right before Halloween, which meant he really needed to get inside, since he's a black cat.


Meatball, full name Butterscotch Meatball, is an Orange Tabby with serious attitude and personality. He enjoys other animals, prefers scratching beach wood instead of the claw post, and is surely a lady killer. As a former feral, he enjoys the outdoors and is leash accommodating (note I did not say trained... I am not ignorant about whose really in charge). He cuddles under covers and scratches new-comers.... but once you pass his tests, you'll have his heart forever, or at least until the food is gone.