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cat Names: mellow

Mellow is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Hello my name is Marshmellow. Mellow for short. My owner is typing for me as I lay next to her face cuddling. My sister and I were born to a stray. Four months later we were find by a lady with five kids and two scary dogs. That lady had a cousin-in-law who was crazy for cats. She came over one day and saw me being my cute self. Instantly it was love. The lady told her cousin they could have me, but they wanted to keep my sister. I was sad to leave my sibling but glad for the new home. I hadn't been taken care if well. Once to my new/permanent home I was give a fled bath! I was infested! Yuck! And it was soon discovered my ear was badly wounded and my leg was broke. But thanks to the people who now own me I was fixed up. Got two adopted sisters and have been living the great life! I love balls, boxes, catnip and most if all water! I come dashing into a room when I hear it and crawl into showers and sinks. My humans think its funny how much I love it. But don't mind cause they know I'm happy and can hear my purr from rooms apart. I'm always purring even in my sleep cause I'm one happy fellow. Meow!