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cat Names: mika

Mika is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Mika? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Mika was found on the coldest night of November in 2008 at about one o'clock in the morning. He was barely 6 weeks old, by the estimation of the vet, and would've died if my roommate at the time hadn't decided to meow back to the crying little creature in the dark alley beside our house. We couldn't see what was meowing, but we thought it was so funny that it was talking to us! Then we saw the tiny shadow and became scared. It took us an hour to catch him. The whole time he was running away and hiding, he would meow back at us when we did, so we never lost him, we just couldn't catch up to him. We finally trapped him under a stack of wood and my roommate ran inside to get some cat food to entice him into reaching distance. When we finally caught him, we placed him in our bathroom, away from our adult cats, and the next morning made an emergency visit to the vet to find out if he was ok. Turns out, he was extremely lucky. If we hadn't caught him, he would've been dead that night or the next. He was malnourished and starving, but had no diseases, not even any bugs on him! After the initial shock of getting a new feline member to the family, Kisa, his sister from another family, became his favorite snuggle partner, and I became his human. I have been told there is something extremely wrong about the relationship I have with him. He follows me everywhere, as long as its inside (I guess his early life was enough outdoors for him) and will obey commands I give him, like stop, come and fetch. He's adorable and loved by both me and his sister and we make a very great family :-D


Mika is a small orange spotted ocicat/tabby. She is the fourth born out of her five siblings. Mika likes to run around and chase her sisters and mom. She also likes to stand on her owners when they are laying down.
her name is pronounced Mee-ka