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cat Names: mischa

Mischa is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Mischa? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Domestic Mediumhair

My name is Mischa and I was my mommy's first baby. I used to be known as "the terrorist" because I was a total furry ninja who loved attacking feet and ankles...but since mommy took me to get "fixed" (I wasn't broken...why did she do that?) I have turned into a tubby. I still love to chase milk-jug rings and clear pump-spray caps and carry them around like dead meeces...and I love sleeping and being rubbed by anyone's feets. I have decided to put up with my newest sister Maggie and Inga, but my best friend ever is my Rainey Pain. I may be large and in charge but I still love my mommy most of all!