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cat Names: miss+kitty

Miss+kitty is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Miss Kitty

Hi! I'm Miss Kitty. I got tired of my previous owner and moved in with the super cool neighbor, who I've slowly been bending to my will. He is turning out to be quiet a suitable minion, though he knows almost nothing about me. I've trained him to bring me wet food 3 times per day, clean my litter box immediately after I use it, and to remember to turn my smooth jazz on before he abandons me daily. In those rare moments when he fails, I have no problem letting him know that my presence is a privilege by making him open the door and then running into the arms of my old minion, until the hunger sets in and I require more wet food. Also, my old caregiver calls me 'Phil', which is a really stupid name for a princess.

Recently, I've been training him in the use of the ‘red dot’. I doubt I’ll ever catch the thing, but requires my human to pay complete attention to me, so I pretend to think I may catch it. Humans are SOOOOO easy to control.

Vote for me and I’ll bring you a bird or mouse, your choice.

Miss Kitty
Supreme Empress of the Universe

Miss Kitty
Domestic Shorthair

I used to live in St George Utah but my humans moved and must have forgotten me. I was all alone and had to find food in the hills there. Some times a man (who later I found out his name was Paul ) would put out some food and water.but he had big dogs that didn't like me. Then after about 2yrs a nice man (Gary) moved into my old house. I would slip down there and look in the window. Finally he started feeding me, then letting me in the house. Then being as cute as I am he fell in love with me and said I was his always. I was his girl and he really spoiled me. I loved it.
It was great for 3 yrs then one day he got sick and Paul called someone and they came and took him away. I waited and waited but he never came back.
But this lady that came while he was away would hold me and tell me it would be ok. He said if anything happen to him Rose Marie would come get me. Thats who the lady was and she did come back and get me. Now I live in Las Vegas and she loves me as much as he did. She got me a pink collar with diamonds (not) and a pink heart with my name on it, and something called a chip so I would never get lost. I am so big (21 pds) she can't hardly pick me up, but she sits down and lets me jump up in her lap and pets me. That really gets my motor running.