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cat Names: mister

Mister is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Mister? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I got Mister off Craigslist. His owner had to give him and his 2 sisters away because her human baby was allergic. One sister was killed by a coyote and his other sister chose my neifhbor across the street. His old owner didn't tell me why but Mister is blind in his left eye. You can see the damage, may have been from a fight. But I love him even more for his disability!!! And he loves pink!!!!!! : ) he loves to head butt you! And his purr is so loud! Loves his treats and sleeping with his MeeMaw!!!!!!

American Shorthair

Hello, my name is Mister or "the little brownie boy" (as my mom would say.) I am a fun, loving, curious boy that just LOVES to cuddle. I love to chase Fannyann (my sister) around the house or anywhere really, but let me tell you, playing with her tail is the funnest ! For some reason she doesnt seem to like it much.. oh well. Oh ! and best of all after we are done arguing with who gets the toilet water first she enjoys to clean me. I lick her back of course but i try not to get too many girl cooties. My mom tells me how sloppy i am when i eat and how im too hyper, i dont understand. :)