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cat Names: momo

Momo is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Momo? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Domestic Shorthair

Momo is a very sweet and loving cat. He follows me wherever I go and even waits for me outside while I'm in the bathroom. He loves to be picked up and held like a baby, and when I'm lying down, he sleeps on top of me. He is my biggest fan. When he's not running around with his big sister Mini, he likes to sit in chairs.


Madison and I were adopted from Little Shelter in Huntington after our first human returned us. She had us for one year and became allergic to us. She had us since we were kittens so we were not used to being amongst so many other kitties. We were in a cage for a couple of weeks and got eye infections and colds and ear infections. Madison was really miserable. I was semi ok, but wanted out so badly. Two humans looking for forever love came in one day, and came straight to us. They asked the nice lady why we looked so sad and she told them the story. She told them that we didn't like to be held and we liked our space and we were very sad and very sick. These two humans talked to the lady and asked to take us home.

It's been two and a half years and even though my silly sister still likes to be a loner, we hang out with them in the living room while they eat dinner and watch TV. I like to lay on the floor, stretch, show them my belly and yawn. I also like to get into my sister's shoe box. She fits in it better, but it's comfy. They humans got her a smaller box so I can use the bigger box but I like both boxes. I promise, I fit fine in the smaller box....ahem...they even took pictures of me in it. I'm comfy...really.

I like to sleep wherever the female human sleeps. If she is on the floor attempting to do what I do, she calls it yoga, I lay on her. If she is on the couch, I go lean on her. If she is ever on the bed, I go there too. I like to grab her arm and lick it and sleep holding her arm.

When she goes to work at night, she says she is a vet for humans, so she is not here sometimes, I hang out with the guy. He is nice. He rubs me, feeds me and I sleep with him sometimes too. But I wait for the other human. Something about her warm gut that I like to lean against. I'm happy and I LOVE to have pictures taken of me. She has a lot of them.