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cat Names: mork

Mork is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Mork? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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A cute, cuddly, scrawny, wide eyed, putty-tat.

Domestic Mediumhair

My long time sweet buddy Mork has been with me 17 years! He had a sister Mindy,has in the show Mork and Mindy. But she was an explorer and when I moved to the country years ago, one day she didn't come back. I hate to think what happened to her.
Mork though, has always been more of a homebody. And doesn't wander off.

He's had kidney problems for about 4 years now and I've had to add fluids from the vet by needle under his skin every 3rd day, now every other day. Also has had thyroid med's for about a year. I almost lost him a few months ago from an infection with his kidneys. He was also toxic and had a terrible siezure! I had no idea why and it scared me beyond words.
I rushed him to the vet, he had to stay over night I was so grateful he pulled through.So now he takes med's for seizures. He had another one the other day when he was sleeping near the phone when it rang. It fightened him so much he went into a seizure.
Mork is a fighter! He likes life!

Mork has been my rock ,in a way, through many hills and valleys, illnesses and 7 moves over the years. He's very mild mannered and little gets him irritated. Except when my other cat Chelsey,she's 13, chases after him, he takes off and occasionally hisses at her. But they're the best of buddies the rest of the time.

Mork is a talker If I ask a question he actually answers in a way that sounds like an answer. It's so funny!
He will often announce himself when he walks in a room or about to climb up on the bed if I'm there. For a very long time he's been my alarm clock. Sometimes way too early! He's loud too! Like "get up and feed me now!" He'll walk around the bed or over my head ,what ever he thinks will work.Sometimes he's relentless!
I finally have to give in get up to give him a little so I can get back to sleep.

Morky can really purr up a storm! Even as a kitten he would start purring just even just walking in the room, and as soon as he knew food was coming he'd purr even while eating! Often when I walk near him,if he's awake he'll send out a little squeak type sound like he's saying "I'm here" or "pet me."

There's more to tell about this black and white 4 legged "child" of mine! Which I'll try to add later.