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cat Names: mr.+kipper

Mr.+kipper is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Mr.+kipper? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Mr. Kipper
Domestic Shorthair

My name is Mr. Kipper, but you may call me just person often refers to me as "Mr. Snuggles." I enjoy this very much as snuggling is one of my favorite things to do! She likes to tell me that I am the softest kitty in the whole world! I don't know if this is true since I haven't been all around the world...but I assume that she has, so I believe her.

I spend most of my time lounging around in the sun, watching birds and squirrels out the windows, chowing down on cat food, taking long naps on the couch. When I'm not busy doing all of my normal cat stuff, I can be an extrodinary conversationalist! I love talking to my person and sometimes just to myself. I am always happy to see my person when she comes home from work or school and make a point of this by never failing to ask her how her day was! I like talking to her so much that sometimes I even wake her up in the wee hours of the moring to have a nice chat!
Sometimes when I'm feeling more energetic I like to chase around my felt cubes and sharpen my claws on the scratching post...and sometimes the carpet (shh...don't tell!) and I love it when my person gives me catnip; it's a real treat! When I'm feeling really fiesty I like to chew on my person's hands. She doesn't really like this because sometimes I just don't realize how sharp my teeth and claws really are! I can't help it though, people hands are just so tastey!