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cat Names: muchacho

Muchacho is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Hi everyone! My name is Muchacho. Some people think my name is funny but my owner thought it was such a cute name for me. My owner is like a mommy to me and i am very close to her. We have been together since i was 4 months old. I can not sleep on my couch at night until i have gone to her room where i flop and purr for my lovin's. i love good scratch under my chin! makes be drool, well sometimes it does.
i have an adopted sister named Lizzy. she came to us from Animal Allies Rescue. I never realized how dull my life was until Lizzy came to live with us. Oh we have so much fun, chasing and running. i love to ambush her! we like to curl up in our mommy's bed and wait for her to get home from work. we never go outside, too many scary mean people out there! Lizzy told me her brief time on the streets was rough.
i am a bit on the skinny side but i am a long kitty. i love to stretch! my owner calls me her "strechie boy".
I have always been fascinated by water, bathtubs and sinks as you can see. I enjoy window sittin', especially if there is a sunbeam involved!
i have tons of toys and a really cool box i chill in, my mommy & daddy spoil me so.