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cat Names: munchie

Munchie is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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I am a cat. I like: Pettings. Licking. Eating. Leeloo. Tub lickins. Taking giant dumps.

Domestic Shorthair

My name in Munchie.. They say I'm a little petite but I do have to say I have a BIG personallity.. I am very talkative and I love to cause trouble.. I'm always getting into things.. I'm just adventurous.. I love to suck on fleecy blankets.. My favorite toys are cosmic catnip balls.. They make me feel a lil funny =) I also like to get out the back door and send my dad and uncle on a wild goose chase (that's what they say).. I stay close to the back yard because I do live near a busy street and don't want to end up like that squirrel I saw last week.. I hope we can be friends.. I like to have lots of them =)