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cat Names: murderface

Murderface is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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he's the butt-darty-est off the buddies, the world revolves around murderface. least MY life does. <3

i'm pretty sure he's one quarter jack russel terrier, one quarter parakeet, and half feline.

i'm pretty sure he has separation anxiety, because he seems as concerned as a lonely housewife upon the return of her drunken husband from an all night bachelor party, especially when i'm gone for more than an get him food, by the way.

he forgets how to meow, so he chirps, and we'll have conversations for minutes. literally, minutes. he's a follow you 'round the house buddy, so he'll make sure i'm not getting into shenanigans without his permission.

if i'm playing my fav compy game, he keeps my lap warm. and if he thinks sixteen hours of world of warcraft is enough, he'll hit a button on the keyboard to remind me that there's more important things than video him, for example.

he plays tag with me outdoors and fetches the crochet'd toys i make him,

yes, he's THAT cool. <3