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cat Names: natasha

Natasha is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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I'm 6 years old, but I've only lived with my Mommy for a little over a month. I lived with her boyfriend for awhile before I came here to live, but his cat Mattie and I didn't like each other AT ALL. Before that I lived with friends of friends of Mommy's boyfriend. They loved me, but they had to move and couldn't keep me where they were moving to. I'm sure they'd be really happy that I'm living with Mommy now, because she loves me very, very much. She thinks that my humans I was with before let me eat too much, so she's put me on a diet, but it's working out ok. Mommy's sister is a veterinarian, and she told Mommy how much I should eat, and most of the time I don't even finish what's in my bowl before Mommy gives me more! I've already lost some weight, and it feels good. :)

Some of my favorite things to do are:
Look out the windows.
Let Mommy pet me for a looooong time.
Sleep with Mommy on her bed.
Sleep on the couch.
Sleep on my bed that Mommy put on top of a desk right beside a window.
Let Mommy play with me with my toys.
Lay on the kitchen floor in Mommy's way when she's cooking. That way she keeps talking to me.
Lay right by Mommy's feet when she's working at her desk.
Lay on Mommy's lap when she sits on the couch.

I hope to make some friends here. Oh, and Mommy said she thinks you're all cute! :)

American Shorthair

Only 25 pounds of pure femininity! Natasha is godmother of the kitty mafia. Everyone respects her, and no one messes with her. Her lieutenants include Boris the Bad (he's the enforcer); Fuzzy Lumpkins (hit-woman extraordinaire); Fearless Leader (counselor; he's the one who keeps peace with the outside world); and Charity Marie (a dog with an identity crisis. She's the bodyguard who breaks up fights before they get serious. She doesn't understand why she'll never be a made-cat, since she doesn't have a clue that she isn't feline. Whenever possible, she sneaks cat food.). Natasha has maintained good relations with the other "families", however she has a vendetta against the staff of the Animal Hospital of Waynesville, and has tried to take them out herself on several occasions.

Domestic Shorthair

When we got Natasha as a kitten, we thought he was a girl. He was smart and learned his name quickly. We've tried changing it, but it stuck. So yes, this is Natasha the MALE kitty.
He was one of 5 kittens born to my grandfather's barn cat that we rescued. We kept one of this brothers and his sister, Mist and Megera, respectively.


I found Natasha in my mother basement when she was just a few weeks old. I had to bottle feeld her. She was 0.65 lbs. Very sweet kitty. She is a lap kitty. She likes to drink water from the spicket. She also likes to play in the Christmas tree and she is so cute, I can't fuss at her.

Domestic Shorthair

I foind Natasha in my mother basement when she was just a few weeks old. I had to bottle feeld her. She was 0.65 lbs. Very sweet kitty.