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cat Names: neko

Neko is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Longhair

Well, mrrowrr... my mommy thought she was 'sposed to fill this part out, but, I saw everybody else's and I showed her and I said 'see mommy! I'm 'sposed to do this myself!" - and she said "okay sweetie"... hehe that's what she always says, she can't say no to me :)

One day my kitty mommy and I were out for a walk and we got separated from each other. I was just a tiny baby and I was so scared! I was down in a deep ditch, I'm just glad it didn't rain really hard the way it usually does in the summertime in Alabama, b'caus I would've been.... well... I don't want to talk about that.

Anyway, my sisters were walking to the store to buy chewing gum, the way they always do, and they heard me crying my heart out! "mrrowrr help meeeee help meeeeee!" - I'm glad they heard me b'caus I was getting very tired. I'd been in that ditch for a long while :(

They hugged me and cuddled me and I felt so safe and my biggest big sister carried me under her shirt next to her tummy right home to mommy and I was so scared I was trembling! Mommy loved me so much she started to cry and she went right to the store to buy baby kitty milk and all sorts of things for me so that I could live with them! Yaay!

For a while, I missed my kitty mommy and I cried a lot, but, I got used to being with my humans and now even though I still miss my kitty mommy, I remember her with love and it doesn't make me cry. My human mommy told me she's doing just fine and I know in my heart that she is.

I didn't get to meet my brother for a long time because he doesn't live at home anymore, he lives at collidge (?) - he's studying Japanese and how to do business with people all over the world. He's a smart guy! In fact, he named me and my name is funny because it just means "cat"!! Neko means "cat" in Japanese!!

Well, my mommy calls me Nekolodeon and The Nekonator and Sir Fluffybutt from Puffytown... and some other silly things, too!

I love to play with the laser mouse and all sorts of toys, but my favorite thing is hiding in shopping bags, hehe!

I like to eat tuna but only sometimes - I actually prefer my little crunchy bites of food, and the treats that they give me at bedtimes after I've been "kitty-hyper" running around leaping and jumping!!

Mommy says she loves me so much, and I believe her b'caus one day I climbed up high and got stuck on something and she couldn't get me down and she was crying and she got really scared! I didn't mean to scare her and I felt bad so I don't go up there no more :(

I like to lay on the porch and take naps in the sun on my back... mommy calls that "sunning my nethers" but I don't know what that means! I know it makes her giggle and that's a nice sound to hear.

Well, that's all I can think to say right now!! I love everybody!! Bye for now!! Mrrowwrr!! Love, Neko <3

Tiger Cat

Neko is the most lovable cat you will ever come upon! We rescued him from a barn when he was a baby. He was the most skiddish cat I had ever seen but in only a few days he warmed up to us and he's the best cat anyone can ever ask for. ^_^ we love him to death and wouldn't trade him for anything in the world!

Domestic Mediumhair

I am a rescue kitty from West Chester, PA. I had ear mites, flees and a sensitive GI track but my human mom loved me anyway. She called me her "banged-up-kitty." I was so scared the first day she took me to her apartment but she loved me and picked me and held me and I really liked that. We've gone though lots of changes in our lives, even moved to the other side of the country but I love it here in Spokane and have never been happier. I have lots of people who live in our condo that love me and take care of me when my human mom and dad travel. I am very chatty and love, love, love to be brushed or combed in the sun especially on my favorite rug.