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cat Names: nilak

Nilak is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Typical Siamese mix. Crazy, vocal, lovable.

Nilak does not acknowledge he is a cat.... or if he does, he doesn't realise I'm human. My friend seduced me on a blue day asking me if I wanted to see a teeny kitten. I'm a cat lover... I couldn't say no.

We get to her mum's house and first thing I notice is the teeny kitten is part Siamese... <3

Then my friend places tiny bundle of cuteness on my chest, where he promptly takes a nap.

"Okay, want kitten. Call me when he's eating solid food" I might point out his mother had refused to nurse him and they were feeding him with a bottle.

Three weeks later, I had a new kitty. He didn't get real attached to me at first, preferring to attach himself to my year old cat, Kiran. Kiran is extremely passive and after trying to avoid the kitten for a couple of days, gave up and adopted him.

They are the BEST buds. They are also both mama's boys. They don't mind men, unless said men make mum raise her voice. Then Nilak is ready to jump on someone's head, Siamese style.

Nilak is as sweet as he is cute, and I feel very lucky indeed he meandered into my life.

Also, Nilak likes to pose. Kiran, not so much.

New: Nilak has learned to fetch! It's sooo cute!